The Seminar

The seminar is quite distinct from the workshop in laying the foundation for the rationale behind running a retainer based, fee orientated practice, irrespective of regulation or third party directives. But the core of it all? It just makes commonsense.

The ‘seminar’ is an hour of interaction with a practitioner who has operated a fee based practice now for 30 years and successfully integrated a monthly retainer and invoice fees as a structure for normal business practice. The whole process is ‘step by step’ and if you open your mind to it, is very simply installed and can be up and running within 48 hours. Fee-Pac makes it that simple. The ‘seminar’ brings you years of experience, saves you hours of work and a great financial saving to you.

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Extract from the Seminar

      1. the seminar DVD.mp3 - Fee-Pac Seminar Overview