The Complete Answer to Running a Successful Client Centric Financial Planning Practice
Now you get paid for all the work you do!

Clients benefit from you working successfully to provide a long term relationship based service.

FEE-PAC™ pays for itself immediately you use it because it is such a common sense approach for delivering value for your clients and therefore adds value to your bottom line as you grow.

Terence O’Halloran understands your dilemma, FEE-PAC™ has been around for over Thirty years and many IFAs have worked their businesses successfully using these guidelines and practices. You can benefit from their experience. Terence runs a client centric practice. Isn’t that what is required in this day and age?

FEE-PACTM contains:

  • The correct approach to client relationship activity.
  • The answers to questions that every advisor encounters.
  • The Agreements that seal the relationship with clients.
  • The Charging Structure for the work carried out on a client’s behalf.
  • A form of questionnaire for your fact finding before the client meeting.
  • All the documents to carry you and your clients through the process in template form.
  • The process that needs to be adopted for a truly professional outcome.
  • The Time Management system that is important for business analysis.
  • And much much more.
  • IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE or DIFFICULT, just disciplined.

All this is contained in a ‘step by step’ working manual which will get you up and running within 48 hours of receipt. It just requires you sit down, work through it. You have complete rights to copy all materials for use within your practice plus three auditory and visual presentations that lead you right to the heart of the topic. Fee-Pac contains the following elements.

1. A DVD of Terry’s highly acclaimed seminar:

‘A Professional Structure for What You Are and What You Do’

This describes how Terry has worked with his clients and achieved in excess of 98% persistency rate over a rolling ten year period. He still has clients that started with him in 1971 and they secure his services on a retainer basis. Ordinary folk with ordinary problems.

The DVD is a full 1 hour live seminar with an audience of IFAs from around the country showing the concepts of running a fee based practice, how to deal with awkward situations and how to approach the full topic of fees and fee charging.

2. ‘The Workshop’


A double DVD set showing a LIVE full day workshop with an audience of IFAs at the heart of a complete “How To” package and how a training day works to coach you in your own environment.

3. ‘Administration Documents’


Further instruction on how to pull everything together administratively are contained in a very straight forward DVD format. There is a CD containing word files of all the documentation. Everything you need to just drop in your logo and business details and print out whenever you need them. Adjust the wording to suit your own style and incorporate your own practice nuances.

FEE-PACTMincludes everything you could possibly need to install and run your own Fee Based System. On the last few at a 33% price.

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Warning! Running an Efficient Fee Based Practice can seriously enhance your WEALTH (and the service you deliver to the client). Here are some comments from FEE-PACTMusers…..

“Excellent value for money. FEE-PACTM has paid for itself in the first few months.” F.W.

“One realises how naive it was to ever think of running a business any other way. Thank you (for FEE-PACTM).” L.A.

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Does the idea of changing to a fee-based practice give you sleepless nights?

Do you intend to switch but keep putting it of?

Given a limitless supply of time and some assistance you can do it – but at what cost?

Let me ask a simple question….

Would you give up the commission on a single sale to short circuit the process and secure your income for life?

FEE-PACTM comes with a full money back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with FEE-PAC’sTM ability to take your clients and you to new professional heights in Financial Services practice, then you can have your money back.

So why go to all the trouble and expense of re-inventing the wheel when it has all been done for you?

FEE-PACTMA Fee-Based Practice is the ‘wheel’ that has already been invented and at a fraction of the costs that you would incur developing it from scratch. FEE-PACTMwill show you how to build a fully organised fees based practice in a surprisingly short time.

Maybe you thought that a workshop on running a Fee-Based Practice looked good but it was simply inconvenient – the timing was wrong.

Well now that workshop can come to you each and every day, as often as you like.

Learn and earn at your convenience. Terence O’Halloran Chartered Financial Planner has produced a comprehensive Fee-Based retainer system with a DVD being the central part of it, and the manual being your own personal workbook and guide. Plus: all of the documentation, in Microsoft Word, for you to adapt to your own style.

For a surprisingly small amount of outlay you can purchase the whole package – A Double DVD of the workshop sessions and DVD of the administration presentations. PLUS all of the administration documents, time sheets, letters, applications etc on CD in Microsoft Word format. You also get the rights to make unlimited copies of all forms and contracts for use within your practice. All this for the equivalent revenue from Terence P a single day’s consulting!

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Either way, you can be on your way to implementing YOUR Fee Based Practice just a few weeks from today.

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Your personal copy of FEE-PACTMwill be dispatched by return and you can get on with building your fees based practice within days.

Phil Evans is the Proprietor of ‘standard’ size IFA offering a broad service to clients:

“My clients love the concept of fee paying and I have to thank you (through FEE-PAC™) for persisting to the point where I attended your workshop and implemented your fee based model. Brilliant!”

Earn as You Learn

Despite the incredible value of FEE-PACTM and the massive additional earning potential of a Fee Based Practice, Terence understands that some advisors may prefer a

“Pay As You Learn” approach
O’HALLORAN FINANCIAL MEDIA SERVICES has agreed to take payment for the full FEE-PACTM system in 6 easy instalments. If you wish to take advantage of this generous offer, just select the instalment option on the order form.

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FEE-PACTM is designed by Terence P. O’Halloran, a Chartered Financial Planner and a Life and Qualifying Court of the Table Member of the Million Dollar Round Table. It has stood the test of time for over 20 years.

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*Disclaimer – all potential earnings are examples and are not guaranteed. They may be more or less depending on effort and activity.