RBS restructuring unit investigated for killing small firms.

RBS restructuring unit investigated for killing small firms.

Vince Cable, Business Secretary along with millionaire businessman Lawrence Tomlinson and Ross McEwan, the new Chief Executive of RBS should read: “Hindsight – The Foresight Saga.”

Pages 155 to 158 highlight the whole situation(10th August 2007) in a letter to major Financial Journalists. Why don’t commentators listen to people who are actually doing the job and observing the facts as they emerge? The banks were doing the same thing in 1978 – another period when they were in trouble. 2007 was merely a repeat performance to strengthen an ailing balance sheet. Terence P. O’Halloran FCII, B.Sc, Chartered Financial Planner.

Click to read the feature on The Daily Telegraph

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