Fee-Pac Business System Instalments at £60 per month/6 months

Fee-Pac Business System Instalments at £60 per month/6 months



The Complete Answer to Running a Successful Client Centric Profesional Practice
Now you get paid for all the work you do! This is your answer to a positive cash flow and satisfied clients. Clients appreciate the fee based installment centric business. (It is how your clients pay for energy, water, and their car)

Clients benefit from you working successfully to provide a long term relationship based service.

FEE-PAC™ pays for itself immediately you use it because it is such a common sense approach for delivering value for your clients and therefore adds value to your bottom line as you grow.

Terence O’Halloran understands your dilemma, FEE-PAC™ has been around for over thirty years and many IFAs have worked their businesses successfully using these guidelines and practices. You can benefit from their experience. Terence runs a client centric practice. Isn’t that what is required in this day and age?

FEE-PACTM contains:

  • The correct approach to client relationship activity.
  • The answers to questions that every advisor encounters.
  • The Agreements that seal the relationship with clients.
  • The Charging Structure for the work carried out on a client’s behalf.
  • A form of questionnaire for your fact finding before the client meeting.
  • All the documents to carry you and your clients through the process in template form.
  • The process that needs to be adopted for a truly professional outcome.
  • The Time Management system that is important for business analysis.
  • And much much more.
  • IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE or DIFFICULT, just disciplined.

All this is contained in a ‘step by step’ working manual which will get you up and running within 48 hours of receipt. It just requires you sit down, read through it and work through it. You have complete rights to copy all materials for use within your practice plus three auditory and visual presentations that lead you right to the heart of the topic.

Pay in 4 Instalments

£60 Deposit and 5 further payments of £60 (Special Offer)

The first payment and order can be made through our online order system.

We will invoice for the remaining instalments.